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Destination Weddings Near Pune, Fort JadhavGADH


Luxurious Venue for Destination Weddings

Here, amidst verdant landscapes and the timeless allure of stone-carved fortifications, couples step into a realm where every moment is imbued with grandiosity and heritage. With its breathtaking landscapes, exquisite architecture, and unparalleled service, Fort JadhavGadh is not just a venue, but a gateway to an era of splendor, making it the quintessential choice for discerning couples seeking a wedding that is as enchanting as it is elegant.

Experience opulent Indian splendor at Fort JadhavGADH, the ultimate heritage resort for luxurious destination weddings in Pune. With lavish decor, professional pre-wedding shoots, and ceremonies in a 300-year-old temple, indulge in larger-than-life celebrations.

Contact our sales coordinator at 9987573816 or for destination wedding bookings.

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Audience Capacity Details

Venue Dimension Area (in sqft) Cocktail/reception Theatre Board Room U-Shaped Classroom Cluster Box Shaped
Prangan 65*20 1300 60 90 35 42 55 60 -
Rooftop 125*20 2520 100 150 - - - 90 -

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